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What Clients Say About Us

After researching companies which provide SDS Authoring services, we came across SDS Solutions
when searching the internet. We were impressed with the professional look of the website and the
range of services provided by SDS Solutions.

Our project was handled professionally throughout the entire process. From initial emails which
discussed our queries and requests, to the project being completed, the entire process ran smoothly.
We were contacted when any information was required and received timely responses from our SDS
Author when we had any queries.

The SDS documents provided by this service were very detailed and thorough. We were impressed by
the content and range of information provided. In addition, the inclusion of CLP information
alongside SDS documents, was really helpful as it aided us in the creation of CLP-compliant labels.

If we were to recommend SDS Solutions, we would explain how the service was quick, efficient and
very professional. We would recommend this service to someone in need of SDS Authoring services.
We were very happy with the final products received and felt excited to use the information provided
to move ahead with our business and future plans.

Ella and Isabelle

Iona Seiriol Candles

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