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SDS Authoring

Whether you are blending essential oils or pre-made fragrance oils, we will help you prepare Safety Data Sheet and CLP label to stay compliant with REACH regulations

CLP & SDS Design

We offer a design service for SDS provided by your supplier. We will design it with your logo and contact details. We also offer CLP label design to your specifications, including: custom dimensions, your business name and contact details.

SDS and CLP Translations

We provide services of SDS and CLP translations to help you reach EU markets. As stated on ECHA website: "According to Article 31(5) of the REACH Regulation, the safety data sheet (SDS) shall be supplied in an official language of the Member State where the substance or mixture is placed on the market, unless the Member State concerned provide otherwise." 

Poison Centres Notifications

We offer services of Poison Centres Notifications to help you generate UFI code necessary to place your products on EU markets.

Printing services

We do not offer printing services but we are working closely with company that offers such a services. For any orders related to printing CLP labels please visit their website

Price List

Discounts apply on larger bookings. Please get in touch for full price list

SDS Authoring 

This will include CLP information

Essential oils blends (mixture of 2 or more oils)

Fragrance oils blends (2 or more oils) from

SDS authoring for one oil 




CLP & SDS Design 

We do not offer printing services for CLP labels. You will receive only digital product prepared for printing

CLP design

SDS design



SDS & CLP Translations

This will include CLP information

SDS translation


Poison Centre Notifications

Prices applies to notification of one mixture

Poison Centre Notification 


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