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Majority of product sold online do not comply with EU chemical laws

The European Chemicals Agency’s Enforcement Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement (Forum) has published the results of its eighth REACH-EN-FORCE (REF-8) project, which focused on analysing compliance with REACH, CLP and BPR regulations in products sold online.

The project targeted web shops and marketplaces selling online hazardous substances, mixtures, biocidal products or articles subject to REACH, CLP and/or BPR requirements.

Inspectors evaluated compliance against the following in regard to CLP Regulation:

  • whether the online advertisement for a hazardous mixture reflected the type of hazard displayed on the label; or

  • information supplied to customers on the hazard class and/or the applicable hazard category of hazardous substances.

The figures shows that a total of 5730 products were exanimated across 29 European countries and 78% of them did not comply with at least one regulatory requirement. 2752 checks has been made of advertising obligations under CLP Article 48, where 2065 (75 %) did not comply, either due to missing information or, for those where information was available, it wasn't clearly visible.

Following the inspections, more than 5000 enforcement measures has been issued by MS enforcement authorities. In most cases companies were asked to remove products from website or bring the advertisements up to compliance.

The conclusion of this project was that an important awareness-raising effort is needed for all the actors involved. Shops and marketplaces should ensure that they commit to the safety of their products by complying with the applicable regulations, and to consumers so that they will be able to make better choices of products sold online.

Forum REF-8 project report 8 National enforcement authorities will continue to perform inspections of products sold online.

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